Monday, 14 April 2014

Self Portrait in Charcoal

Self Portrait

This was the result of a self portrait exercise we did last week at Uni. 

We were asked to tear out four pages from a book that had special meaning to our lecturer.  We all baulked at doing this!  Mine was a story about Mohammed Ali.  We then glued the pages to our art paper in any way we chose and proceeded to make a self portrait in charcoal, using a small mirror.  I decided to include the studio windows I could see behind me and also a grove of trees.

Afterwards, we were asked to choose a word from one of the pages that reflected how we were feeling on the day.  I chose love.  It was in capital letters on the page so I couldn't go past it! And what's not to love about making art?

Monday, 24 March 2014

Checking In

Drawing Materials

Thought I should check in and see how the blog is doing, it's been a while!

I am into week four of my University Course and all is well.  I am thoroughly enjoying the lectures and tutorials and all the other bits of Uni life.  Busy as can be and the weeks are flying past quickly!

I've been making lots of art for my drawing class and we are given lots of lee-way on how to interpret things and how to develop concepts.  Soon I will be in a printmaking class, so we'll see what happens there!  Learning about Modernism and Modernity too!

Still working at the shoe store in between, so life is full!

Hope all is well with you too!

Monday, 24 February 2014

Magnolia Triptych

Magnolia Triptych underway in my Studio
I am midway through a two week holiday, arranged to witness my niece Eliza marrying her sweetheart on Valentine's Day and for a short stint in Canberra to see a map exhibition called "Terra Incognita" at the National Library.  The wedding was sensational and it was great to see friends and family, some visiting from afar.  The map exhibit was amazing too and we bought the book to enjoy at our leisure.

Home at last now, with time to get started on a painting for a lady I work with.  Magnolias hold special meaning for her and this one is a Western Australian Magnolia Grandiflora.  Thus we needed a big painting!  The problem was:  how to fit substrates for such a big painting in my small car?  The solution?  Create a triptych with three smaller panels!  Genius!