Monday, 30 July 2012

Mid Winter Market

We are at that place in the middle of winter where I have begun to yearn for warmer weather in a big way.  Even though today is a perfect day, all of us here at the Villa have head colds and have taken to bed!  It seems wrong to be under the doona when the day is so beautiful, but we all need the rest in order to get better.

This week I take my paintings down from the exhibit at Hornsby Library, ready for my August market.  The theme this time will be 'Supporting Local Talent'.  Each market seems to get bigger and better, so wrap up warmly and come along to support stall holders if you can. (11th Aug. - 8am to 1pm, Kibble Park, Gosford)

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

A Loving Gesture

I bought these deep red silk magnolias last week after hearing that one of my co-workers had passed away after a short but severe illness in hospital.  The news stunned us all.  D was a beautiful person in every way and will be sadly missed by our team.  We girls are wearing red shoes to her funeral this week as a loving gesture.  D loved red!

Monday, 16 July 2012


Today I spent a few hours hanging twelve of my artworks at a local library in the large, empty meeting room.  I am doing a co-exhibit "Colour Effervescence" with sensational fellow artist Judy McFadden for a couple of weeks.

The hanging system is a basic one, however to get things straight and aligned was quite tricky!  We tried not to swear and eventually we had a fantastic result!  It's always great to see your own paintings hung!

These pics are 'faraway' ones, though you get the idea!

One painting missed the call however, as it flipped over in a gust of wind at my weekend market and the glass smashed to pieces!  The painting was not damaged luckily and simply needs the glass replacing.

Then I get my paintings back in time for my next exhibit on 4th August.  Stay tuned!

Monday, 9 July 2012


House at Night
I've never had so many hugs than I've had these past few days!

We visited a very dear friend on the weekend up on the Gold Coast of Queensland for her 70th birthday.  It was quite a reunion, with friends and family coming from far and wide.  It was a surprise reunion and I must have hugged more than a dozen people, multiple times across the weekend!  I feel so loved!

Then today in the shoe store a lovely lady came in for some comfortable shoes and was very cheerful till we came to say goodbye, then she broke down in tears all of a sudden, telling me about her husband passing away recently and how difficult it was for her.  I got all teary too and we hugged in the middle of the store.  Another loving moment with a total stranger!

I'm visiting my Auntie Pam tomorrow and I'm betting there's another hug to come!

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