Thursday, 30 April 2009

tropical theatre

This is a section of a painting I have named "tropical theatre" using water-colour/acrylic & ink. I am considering making this one into a print, once I find out how and where to do this. It took a while to finish as I am still plugging away at home maintenance - it never seems to end!

I have been arranging for old holland blinds to be replaced with new timberlook venetians, new shower screens in all the bathrooms (needed thanks to a horrible 'glass cancer' that leaves an ugly stain between the fused glass screens), cleaning windows in readiness for said new blinds and rooms reminding me that they need painting. I'm not complaining really, I do love having everything bursting with good clean energy.

I've also been moving the furniture around, have added a new rug to the lounge area and changed the paintings hanging on the wall for a fresh new look. It's all nice and cosy in the evenings now that we need the heating on. Maybe I'll curl up and do some journaling tonight...

Monday, 20 April 2009

proteas, painting & picasso

proteas left over from my mother's funeral arrangement.

I deliberately put aside all things creative these past few weeks in an attempt to focus on household things, my mother's funeral and family business. Although I have been really busy, thoughts of paintings kept creeping in. My fingers have been itching to pick up a paintbrush again and my soul needs to get smoochy with colour again!

Yesterday I topped up my art supplies and bought an A3 watercolour block of paper and two tubes of purple paint in a particular shade I have been trying to mix, yet could only manage to create a muddy aubergine - I gave in, took the shortcut and bought it! Since one of my sisters has put in a request for a fish painting I have some inspiration to work from.

Today has been cool, grey & rainy and I am looking forward to curling up on my lounge tonight to read 'Picasso & His Collection' a book my sister brought back from a visit to this exclusive exhibition held in Brisbane at the Gallery of Modern Art.

I must try doing some sketching in ink, like this...

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A Sadness

There has been much to do around home over the Easter break - a little maintenance here and there, spring cleaning the house, pressure cleaning the driveway, patio and deck and sorting through old pot plants. Even the buddha statue that sits under my golden robinia tree needed his knees sweeping of leaves! Finally I potted up some punnets of pansies to add a dash of colour. It feels good now that it's all done!

Then in the early hours of Easter Sunday morning my mother passed away. A sad time for all of us. My mother had dementia and has lived in a nursing home for several years. Thankfully we were able to say our goodbyes and she died peacefully. My family is now gathering to remember her life and spirit.