Friday, 21 September 2012


Is it the 22nd already?!  Time really does fly when you're having fun.

Enjoying my job enormously, enjoying my market equally!

The above little guy (or gal) visits our villa on a regular basis.  These birds are so beautiful and comical at the same time!  They nudge each other and preen each other constantly.  A loving family at work!

These trees are red bottlebrush getting ready to flower for spring/summer, with lots of tall gum trees in the background.

I am so proud of my son and daughter apropo of nothing at all - they are both in jobs they love and it is wonderful to see! Familys produce some wonderful adults, with just a little love as the fertilizer!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Spring Things!

Beautiful Mandevilla (Dipladenia) on my front verandah, a most rewarding plant!

Lavender and parsley, both loving the sunny patio at the villa.

Tibouchina, flowering despite Jessa the Border Collie sitting on them!

Lime blossom, so sweet and fragrant!

Peekaboo pottery, hiding behind the greenery!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Pocket Change

This week Bliss Fruit has been featured on the wonderful blog  Pocket Change

If you get the chance, go take a look at the other featured bloggers too!

Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Wednesday Notes

This week I have had a couple of days off and I spent yesterday with my sister Anne at the beach.  We had lunch at a very nice beach cafe , then walked along the sand with the waves at our feet.  We bought some ice creams and sat on the rocks overlooking the beautiful, sparkling Pacific Ocean.  It doesn't get much better!

Today was a busier day where I travelled from plant nursery to plant nursery, looking for a particular plant - Dipladenia (Mandevilla).  I wanted pink and on my fourth nursery visit, I found them!  So I bought four for some terracotta planters I have on my verandah at the villa.  It was a hot and windy afternoon, courtesy of Spring, so I potted them up, fertilized and watered them in.  They look very happy in their new home!

Saturday is the SpringFest Market,with extended trading hours (8am till 3pm).  It should be a lovely day!  If you are a local, come out and visit all the stall holders, you will be very welcome!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Supporting the Homeless

I can't think of a more appropriate night to have been raising money for the Homeless.  It was raining hard and icy cold.  I shuddered in my light-weight cocktail outfit....  My feet got cold and wet on my way from the car to the coctail party venue, the Worthington BMW showroom at Kariong.  Poor me!

A Rotary organized event - the 6th Annual Portrait Prize and Art Exhibit opening cocktail party was held last night to raise money for  Coast Shelter.  I submitted a self portrait and some other works for consideration by the judge.  No luck for me however, though it was a great feeling to see all the local art and to try and make a difference in our community.

I had my supporters with me, Lauren, Phil and Miki.  Thanks to the three of you for coming out on such a wild and woolly night, it was fun!