Sunday, 20 January 2013


Painting Chaos!

We have been living at the villa for two years now and during that time we have been busy updating everything we can.

Ta Da!

We have put up new fences all around, installed blinds, replaced the old hot water service, re-screened the sunroom, totally renovated the front garden, installed a dishwasher and planted a small garden out the back.  We bought a new outdoor table and a BBQ and will install a shade sail to make our hot, west-facing back courtyard more liveable.  Next we will update our roof and gutters, then on to the bathroom and laundry!

At the moment I am re-painting old furniture and the mirror that was my Op Shop find.  It's all looking good!  It's a very satisfying process making our surroundings all new again, even though it is a slow process!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Summer Lovin

On the Verandah

Yesterday we endured our hottest day on record!  It was a work day for me and thanks to air conditioning, we got through the day quite well.  On returning home I discovered the power was out!  So at home, it was zero aircon, bags of ice from the supermarket to pack our cold food in, and pizza for dinner!  Lucky for us we were only out of power for a couple of hours.  Yikes it was hot!

Life has been easy going here at the villa and on the weekend we enjoyed a BBQ for Max's birthday with all my immediate  family there.  Back at work now with not much time to spare.  Morning walks are a great way to energise my day and Jess the Border Collie loves them too!  One day I will get back into the studio to do some painting, I miss it!

Love to all xx