Monday, 9 July 2012


House at Night
I've never had so many hugs than I've had these past few days!

We visited a very dear friend on the weekend up on the Gold Coast of Queensland for her 70th birthday.  It was quite a reunion, with friends and family coming from far and wide.  It was a surprise reunion and I must have hugged more than a dozen people, multiple times across the weekend!  I feel so loved!

Then today in the shoe store a lovely lady came in for some comfortable shoes and was very cheerful till we came to say goodbye, then she broke down in tears all of a sudden, telling me about her husband passing away recently and how difficult it was for her.  I got all teary too and we hugged in the middle of the store.  Another loving moment with a total stranger!

I'm visiting my Auntie Pam tomorrow and I'm betting there's another hug to come!

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  1. that is a lovely post.. hugs are a lovely way of communicating just how much we care about others! I had lots of hugs on the weekend was lovely!

  2. We're all angels in disguise and you both found each other to hug and share love in an unexpected place and beautiful! I've had many hugs recently too from someone dear who's hugs haven't been available for awhile. I'm feeling the love too!

  3. I agree with both Winterwood and Kate. Hugs are lovely way to communicate and those who hug can be angels to us, and us to them. Another lovely post, Patti, xoO

  4. Hugs are the best ! So good for the soul. I had some sweet ones this past week too.
    Hugs from very far away, Sweet Heart !


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