Thursday, 21 December 2006

Peace and Goodwill - Countdown to Christmas

I chose to use the Buddha picture because to me he embodies peace and goodwill. I wish everyone a Happy Christmas season.

Today I visited my Fishmonger to see how early he would be open on Christmas Eve. He told me 6am and he'd be the one singing! If I go through the secret entrance he told me about, I can get in earlier, but I think 6am is early enough for me! We plan to have fresh prawns and crumbed calamari with dipping sauces and of course, champagne on Christmas Eve night. Then Christmas Day we will spend with my sister-in-law eating more traditional ham, pork, turkey etc. So we get to taste the best of both worlds. Cool, overcast/rainy weather is predicted, so it won't be so much a beach christmas this year. I hope that means no more bushfires.

We are babysitting a cockatiel at the moment for friends who have just left for a holiday in Canada for a few weeks. Mercury is a cheerful little bird with grey feathers a yellow face and crest, with bright orange cheeks. He loves it when I empty the dishwasher as there is lots of clatter. There have been a few Sylvester and Tweety moments with Phoebe sitting right up close to his cage, but no serious incidents. Lets hope it stays that way.

I am currently nurturing a baby cycad (dinoasur plant) We have three large ones in our front garden and one had "pups" so we have transplanted two in the hope that at least one will survive. Below left is the baby and on the right the mother plant.

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