Monday, 24 August 2009


You haven't stumbled upon the wrong blog, I've made some spur of the moment spring-time changes!

Welcome to my Universe has now become BlissFruit, where I share the fruits of my creative bliss!

I hope you like the new name, it was fun to brainstorm. Of course you are still welcome to come here and enjoy my art!

To kick-off the changes I am having a give-away. If you would like to win the 6" x 12" canvas of the 'Red Tree' from this post (and on my new header), please leave a comment! Lots of luck!


  1. sounds great, bliss fruit is a fruit i would like to eat! yes please enter me for the drawing.

  2. Me, too, Patti. I love the name and am very happy for you! xo, O

  3. What a great name for your virtual home! It's a perfect match for your headder too. Yes please, drop my name in the hat Patti!

  4. Wonderful new name for your virtual home - I love it and how it came into being. It is perfect!

    And yes please, enter my name in your hat for the give-away.

    Again - GREAT new title!!

  5. I love the changes in your blog home! You know I adore your art, but I have already won something from you, so I think it's better to let others have a chance this time. By the way, I LOVE how your framed cards light up my breakfast nook! They make me smile every time I walk past.

  6. Hmmm, Patti, I am loving the new name. A dear, dear friend and I were just talking this very morning about what if feels like when the seeds you have planted and nurtured and watch grow suddenly bear fruit - bliss fruit indeed ! Your Judy Wise inspired hands are so gorgeous too ! Your use of colors always makes my heart smile !
    Happy Friday, beautiful One !

  7. why have i never visited here? i adore your art, and your header is sublime,cheery and vibrant and that's what i love... i will be back.


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