Tuesday, 7 June 2011


Some glimpses of paintings I've been playing with..... letting my imagination go wild...

Work has been busy, since it's mid-year sale time in the store.  So I will return to the studio again once I get back to my normal hours.

Tonight we are going to watch my son perform a guitar piece at a local music-restaurant venue.  Lots of excitement here!

Not much else to report, life has been chugging along nicely here at the villa.  A little cold in the mornings and evenings with pale sunshine during the day. Taking my vitamins and keeping warm...


  1. You are bringing in beautiful stories and colors as your season changes. That will help keep you warm.
    I am headed outdoors instead, as often as I can. Late spring is blooming into magnificent summer...
    Hugs !

  2. Your paintings are wonderful as always! I love the magic your make with color and form.
    Enjoy your son's recital/performance. How great is that!

  3. Chugging along is good, I'm thinking. Daily life is full, relationships are warm as the weather cools, and your art is gorgeous as usual! I was interested in the story of the paintings, which I think was cut off for privacy, of course...a different style and with people, so very interesting. I hope you have a wonderful week, Patti! xoO

  4. These paintings are very peaceful and happy looking. I hope the performance went well!

  5. good to see you still having time to paint and journal despite working hard. I've missed that little part of my life and am looking forward to getting some time now I'm on Uni hols. Keep warm and dry. Hoped you filmed that guitar performance...

  6. Oh! Love the magic carpet ride - hair trailing behind in the wind. That is me, I am sure (with longer hair). And I am sure you had a wonderful time at the restaurant watching your son perform. I imagine your heart was full of pride and a smile never left your face - and love radiated from every fiber of your being.


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