Friday, 17 June 2011

Weaving It All Together

For a while now I have had a great balance in my life and it has felt so good to know that all the corners of life's bread have been buttered.  This week I accepted the offer of extra work to cover sick and annual leave. 

I have enjoyed working the extra, but have been amazed at the tilt in balance.  Clothes, sheets and towels are being washed, thanks to my hubby, but there is a pile up in washing baskets waiting to be ironed.  Shopping needs to be done late at night, animals need cleaning up after and this must wait till I get to it.  My son talks ten to the dozen when I get home, catching up on lost time.  My studio gathers dust!

I will have a healthy pay packet which will pay for some framing of artworks, so I am really happy with this.  Still, the balance thing is important to me.  This week has been a reminder of this.


  1. as a libra i have always been seeking balance. as a 65 yo woman i have learned that if balance happens it lasts but a short while as life comes in and tips the scale. i tend to think balance is an illusion or an ideal never attainable.

    interesting reflections. be well, suki

  2. You're so right Patti, balance is key and once we've found it, know what it feels like, it's hard...almost go backwards. A great reminder to all of us!

  3. It is good to let some things go.....and lets you know what the real things in life are....the cat litter tray can wait, sons chatter cannot! Good on you for realising what matters and what doesn't. Enjoy the extra moolah.

  4. It is so great that you have seen this so quickly, Patti. Getting things back into a balanced state will be such a good relief for you. And the framed artwork will be a celebration of a lesson well learned ! ;)

  5. I find it always takes a little while to re-establish balance. Delegating a few things can certainly help!

  6. Balance - I couldn't agree more. And it is so elusive for me to find it!

    I am sure that soon you will have your balance back. And I love your painting of the struggle of balancing! Take care!


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