Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Home Again!

Shoal Bay View

We're back home again after a week away up the coast.  Shoal Bay is a very tranquil spot and there are plenty of restaurants, eateries and shops to keep you interested.  We did a lot of reading, gazing out at the view from our balcony and simply 'people watching'.

Looking towards Tomaree Point

Morning walks before breakfast, evening walks after dinner and lots of walking in between, dipping into the bay for a swim afterwards. We even shared the water with a pod of dolphins one afternoon! Priceless!


  1. What a beautiful place, Patti! I'm glad you had a relaxing time and got to swim with dolphins...it sounds so lovely! xoO

  2. sounds like a wonderful trip

  3. Welcome home! I imagine that you have come home with your batteries recharged! You must have had a wonderful time.


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