Sunday, 7 April 2013

A Good Weekend!

Red Tree
I enjoyed painting this design!  My holiday recharged my creativity, I believe.  Daylight Savings is over, now autumn is here, so it will begin getting darker in the evenings in my part of the world.  I always look forward to a little hibernation with candles and cosy slippers, at least for the first few weeks of winter.

I went to an outdoor Youth Concert this afternoon, where my son (a guitarist) was performing Metalcore music with his band.  Pretty heavy metal/punk you could say! It was an alcohol and drug free event and luckily, was a beautiful sunny afternoon with lots of people turning out to listen.  I had a great time watching the guys in the mosh pit jumping around!

I hope you had a good weekend too!


  1. As your seasons change Patti, so do ours, in just the opposite way...your creativity is beautiful as always, xoO

  2. Love the tree! Also glad you got to go down and see Moo play - I haven't had the opportunity yet!

    You werent keen to join the mosh? haha!

  3. Love love love that tree and the colour combination :)


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