Sunday, 30 June 2013

Oils & Other Things

African Violet in a Crystal Bowl

We've had a lot of rain lately, making it easy to settle down inside and paint!  Cold Wax continues to entice me and I'm loving using oils again.

I've been enjoying birthday celebrations with family this weekend with more into next week.  Happy times!

I also visited my local art gallery this week to see a travelling textile exhibit - a really lovely collection of artworks,  ( ) colourful and unique!  My Regional Art Gallery is nestled in an authentic Japanese Garden (Edogawa).  So I strolled around outside, over little bridges, past gushing waterfalls and the tranquil tea house, with misty rain all around.  It's beautiful at any time of year!

I hope you enjoyed your week too!


  1. patti - I really really like your violets in a crystal bowl.. I think I like the detail in the leaves specifically, and those dots...not sure what it is... but I like it very much!

    1. Thankyou! The dots are intended to be the light bouncing off the crystal bowl. I was inspired by my own African Violet in my bathroom, it loves the steaminess!

  2. Beautiful, Patti, as always; I'm glad you had a good birthday. You sound like you live such a balanced and joyful life :) I love hearing about it! I like how your art is evolving; thank you for sharing it! xoO

  3. happy birthday. the place you live sounds so lovely. your art is colorful and enticing. be well, suki


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