Sunday, 4 August 2013

August Already!

August is here, how did that happen?

I've discovered that I need to brace my larger plywood panels for my cold wax paintings and have organized some help from my local Men's Shed.  These lovely men are happy to do all the carpentry involved in making my panels solid and free from warp.  I don't have the space or the tools to do so, so for a donation, I will have a job well done!

Today I washed my car, cleaned out my bathroom cupboard, washed sheets to be hung in the fresh sunny air and weeded my front garden.  I'm feeling Spring, even though we're not quite there yet!

I recently bought new quilt covers, sheets and pillows for our bed - lovely to sleep on and to look at!  A beautiful embroidered design, I love it!


  1. it felt like spring here too for the last two days... but yes I feel its still too early for a proper spring yet! love your bed covers!

  2. The coming of spring is so wonderful! You've been a busy lady! Keep on having fun!

  3. That is such a vibrant, cheerful bedspread. Love it! It reminds me of some of the textiles you can buy from Gudrun Sjoden.


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