Sunday, 4 May 2014

Windy Sunday

Autumn Cyclamens

Such a windy autumn day today!  The trees are swaying down low in the blue skies that go on forever and my wind chimes are going crazy!  Not cool enough for a scarf and coat yet though!

These cyclamens in purple pots I chose for their beautiful colours.  They should see us nicely through the winter, since they are a cool, mountain dwelling plant.


These pink impatiens I planted in a large ceramic bowl in my front garden.  They blend well with the purple tiboucina already growing there and should flower for a couple more months before winter begins in earnest.

The sun is shining, ambient music is playing and I am enjoying my Sunday.  Hope yours is a relaxing one too!

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  1. Always colorful and beautiful in your world, Patti !
    Love and light to you as the autumn comes to you.


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