Monday, 14 April 2014

Self Portrait in Charcoal

Self Portrait

This was the result of a self portrait exercise we did last week at Uni. 

We were asked to tear out four pages from a book that had special meaning to our lecturer.  We all baulked at doing this!  Mine was a story about Mohammed Ali.  We then glued the pages to our art paper in any way we chose and proceeded to make a self portrait in charcoal, using a small mirror.  I decided to include the studio windows I could see behind me and also a grove of trees.

Afterwards, we were asked to choose a word from one of the pages that reflected how we were feeling on the day.  I chose love.  It was in capital letters on the page so I couldn't go past it! And what's not to love about making art?


  1. That's neat. I love how participation in a class or online challenge can inspire us to work in new ways or new media.

    1. Absolutely Kelly! It was loads of fun!

  2. What a wonderful, creative exercise! And your sketch is just lovely - as are you.


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