Friday, 13 June 2014

More Flowers

More flowers!  My cyclamen didn't last unfortunately and so I have replaced them with pink Zygocactus.  Love these plants!  Much hardier than cyclamen, though just as pleasing to have around! Hope these babies make it through the winter!

I haven't posted a youtube video for a long time, but this one I absolutely love!  The front man to this Australian band (The Masters Apprentices - circa 1960) died recently and his music has always touched me.  Hope you love it too!


  1. I like your Zygocactus Patti--they look so healthy--I have one that is currently nursing in the greenhouse and we just call it the "Christmas tree cactus". It is very temperamental! I miss it in my house. Enjoy! The video was reminiscent of such a different time, so pretty; in retrospect it seems so innocent in some ways that we are not anymore in our culture. Nice to hear from you as always, xoO

    1. I agree O, it was an innocent time and more original creatively too. Music can be quite homogenized these days! Hope all is well with you too xx


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