Monday, 1 September 2014


I found this artwork lurking in my pictures folder from way back when!  I love looking back at my blog and seeing how much I've changed in some ways, but in other ways stayed the same!

I'm enjoying listening to a combination of 'Zen' music and Baroque music at the moment.  Baroque has 60-70 beats per minute, very good for a combination of relaxation and mental stimulation.  It helps me to study well for my college course. (Art Therapy) And I am just loving all of it, did I mention this? LOL! 

Spring has been peeking out from behind bleak winter skies here today in Sydney, Australia where  it was relatively warm and sunny.  Just lovely!  Hope you're enjoying your change of season too!


  1. Good to see you and your work here Patti! Our summer is ending and fall is to you and encouragement in your art therapy path, xoO

  2. You've changed and your art has evolved with you!


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