Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Inspiration and Prosperity Magic

It's amazing how the Law of Attraction works - "You attract whatever you give your attention and energy to, whether wanted or unwanted"

Once I began looking for artistic inspiration, suddenly it was all around me - in magazines, blogs and on the radio. Clearly I am not alone in needing inspiration from time to time. So I am planning some "artist dates" so I can do what Julia Cameron (The Artist's Way) calls "filling the well". As my sister suggested, I am making a journal which I have called "Positively Inspiring" where I can jot down any ideas, make sketches and drawings etc in a completely spontaneous way, perhaps with a theme.

I have also been making another journal called "Dreams Unlimited" which is concerned with "Prosperity Consciousness". I'm a great believer in positive affirmations, and Yoga and meditation help so much with those, but even so, I sometimes slip back into negativity. This journal I add to every day, sometimes pasting pictures, making drawings and lists of things I want manifested in my life, material and non-material. So my new mantra, which I found in a Yoga Journal newsletter, is "I love what comes, I love what goes" which is the idea that when things/people go out of your life a vacuum is created and the Universe will be more than happy to fill it with new things/people. Magic.

The drawing above based on dried Australian Native plants (leuchodendron, gum nuts and gum leaves) was created using my favorite mediums, ink pen and water colour, the sepia tones evoking the dryness of the Australian bush.

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  1. Love this Patti, really well done. This medium really suits your style


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