Friday, 23 February 2007

Poetry Thursday - The Body Knows

The Body Knows

The body knows when it is time to be born,
when to catch that first breath in the soft light of dawn.

The body knows when to crawl, when to walk, when to talk, when to run in the playground, draw hopscotch in chalk.

The body knows just when to desire a first kiss,
When to yearn for a closeness, the promise of bliss.

The body knows when it's time to create a child,
provide it with warmth, a mothers’ scent, a mothers’ smile.

The body knows when it has reached half-way
When joints calcify and hair turns to grey

The body knows when it is weary and wrinkled and lined,
Time to sit in a rocker in the sweet sunshine.

The body knows when the horizon is beginning to fade,
when it can hold on no longer, when a breath can’t be made.

The body knows when to let go the soul to the sky, when to send it up higher, when to say its goodbye.


  1. The body knows. Each stage you have captured resonates in us all. Thanks.

  2. This is true reflection of really what the body knows.

  3. The last three lines are really bueatiful. I liked how the poem went through the whole cycle of life.

  4. Beautiful moments that make up a lifetime. And the rhythm and rhyme help punctuate the regular passage of time.

  5. so very true and a gift in the reading of it. thank you.

  6. I love this: "when to catch that first breath in the soft light of dawn."


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