Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Australian Bush Series No. 2

The second six of the Australian Bush Series. I will choose a couple of these to paint on canvas. I wonder which ones you prefer?

Going through a pile of artwork that I've amassed over the years, I found one of the ink doodles I used to make when I was in High School. My peak time to work on these was in my Mathematics class, which frequently got me into trouble, with comments such as "if you only spent as much time on your maths as you do on your drawing...." Consequently I failed 'O' (Ordinary) level Maths, which is quite an extraordinary thing to do - I guess I just wasn't interested. (I must add, that though this prevented me from becoming an astronaut, physicist, engineer, architect etc. I'm in fact a whizz at my personal finances!) My school books were covered in these doodles and later when I began work, my desk blotter looked much the same!

They would often have groovy lettering amid the hearts and flowers and shooting stars. I sometimes think I must have been a Tattoo Artist in a past life! Much later I began doing similar doodles in paint ...

I can still sit absorbed working on these for ages and have made loads of them, big and small. What these doodles say about my mind?....... mmmm!


  1. Patti, I really love them all but I'm particulary attracted to earth tones so I think my favourites are top right, middle left and both of the bottom ones! But really, they're all beautiful.

  2. I love them all! But I suppose if pushed I like the yellow/green ones as they ae my favorite colours.
    Love the doodles- they bring back memories.........
    in a way I'm glad you didn't go to Art School- it may have ruined your talent.
    Whatever- you are really letting it flow at the moment.
    Keep it coming.........

  3. I like them all but have a pentchant for ferns, especially when they are unfurling, so my vote goes to the bottom right square.

    Never mind the maths, your doodles are psychadellic!

  4. Love your doodles! Has any one asked you to use your art as a tattoo? Namaste.

  5. Doodles? Are you kidding?
    Your artwork blows my mind!
    It's very tribal looking and definitely "contemporary" in today's market!
    Way to go Patti!!!

  6. Fantastic work, Pat - A+ for sure.


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