Sunday, 17 June 2007

Seed Pods and Dreams

These are the Australian Bush series "seed pods". This is the one painting, I have simply scanned both sides to capture it all. I originally photographed it but the detail was not as clear as on a scan. Last night I had vivid dreams about more colourful paintings of gum blossoms. I will be doing some more ink and watercolour designs based on these dreams, which I will later paint. This way of working really suits me well.

We are having another cold, wet weekend. Hubby is happy because he gets to linger luxuriously in bed reading. My son is going a bit stir crazy - soccer games are cancelled and he is alternating between playstation, computer games and DVDs - showing last night was Forrest Gump and the complete set of Jurassic Park. I am content to make art, read two books at once, and yesterday enjoyed watching an Australian movie "The Oyster Farmer", filmed on the Hawkesbury I recommend it if you haven't seen it yet, it is filled with superb Australian characters. Our dams are filling up again, so many prayers have been answered, but I'm longing for blue skies and sunshine again.


  1. some great opportunities for "cocooning" these last couple of weekends. I took myself off to Newtown this late afternoon to see a French movie and browse in art and bookshops.......

  2. What ripe and fertile seed pods. They look as if you have painted them with ochre from the Red Centre.
    Cannot wait to see the Dream Series!!

  3. oh, i love when i dream about art. these are beautiful!

  4. To quote an old song, dream a little dream of me. Love looking at your paintings and drawing in your art gallery slide show.
    Namaste for the other side if the world.

  5. Yes I love wet weekends but the kids OD on `screentime' These are beautiful Patti, keep dreaming :)

  6. Nice work!
    Hope the weather clears soon for you, and you stay safe.

    HOW do you read TWO books at once????


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