Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A Mermaid is Born

I know you're probably sick of seeing seed pods by now, but these two are a culmination of all the seed pods that you have seen before. It is true that with every painting you create, you learn something new about colour, technique, line and brushstroke. You learn to have patience, you learn to take risks and most of all to have fun.

After so many seed pods I felt a real need to create something totally different. So a mermaid was born from my imagination, swimming up from the depths into the bright water above. The reproduction of colour is sometimes disappointing on these blog photos and the swirls of water are much more colourful than they appear here. You'll have to trust me on this!

I'm tossing up whether to paint scales on her tail. We'll see...


  1. Just been on Etsy- your stuff is way superior.
    Do not sell yourself short, go for the big guns.
    I am working on a publisher for your book- will try the one who publishes Alison Lester.

  2. I love the mermaid too, love the way she just melds in to the pattern, great work!

  3. Oh Patti, I do love her ... it looks like there are already scales on her tail shimmering in the water!

  4. This is lovely - such radiant colours, full of whoosing swimming and movement, and sooo alive. Excellent work.

    My husband just walked in and saw your work on the screen - he agrees with me that you are very talented. When I told him you hadn't been creating/making these for very long (am I right?) he said: 'What has she been doing with her life' in a half joking voice... then seriously said, that it looked like you were an experienced artist.

    Go! girl go!
    P.s. I thought the mermaid would also make great tiles and/or stained glass.

  5. Beautiful work, Patti...the colors are so intense...


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