Friday, 21 September 2007

My Sacred Life - Centeredness

Mandalas are generally created with the design emanating from the centre and are very pleasing, satisfying and calming to look at for this reason. I feel the same way about healthy balance in my life. When I am off-centre it is because I have allowed other priorities or stresses to overshadow looking after myself.
If you look closely at this mandala and choose to read some meaning into it, I would say I was currently a little off-centre.

Participating in my sacred life has highlighted areas in my life where I had let slide a couple of the things that are important to my wellness.

So what do I have to do to stay centred?
  • daily hour of yoga (stretching, breathing, meditation)
  • daily walks with Jess the border collie (fresh air, sunshine and other sensory delights)
  • eating fresh, colourful food (predominantly vegetarian, but some meat to keep iron levels up).
  • drinking water
  • expressing myself with art, poetry and writing
  • singing out loud at every opportunity
  • plenty of sleep
  • music in the morning (no starting the day with TV)

I am very fortunate to have the time to practice this self care on most days. Most of these things come very easily, others take effort, but it's so worth it, to feel calm, centred and at peace.


  1. You're right, you're right, Mandala Queen!
    Time to resume pilates and take the naughty dog for DAILY walks. I had been doing pretty well with it, but then over-committed myself (which I tend to do), and I wonder why I feel so tired???
    Peace, my fantastic friend!

  2. Thank you for the reminders. Many of those are the same things that could keep me centred if I would do them! I've let moving be an excuse to get off track. Oh, and I love your art gallery. My favourite is the tree.

  3. Thank from me too for these reminders; I'd swap the yoga for just a few stretching exercises, but otherwise this all works for me... so why don't I do it?!!!
    Ok, a fresh start right now, by getting to bed a bit earlier.

    Thank you Patti,for a much needed reminder.

  4. Don't forget humour - I was staring at the mandela and suddenly saw seven rubber thongs (flip-flops, to translate from the aussie). Maybe you're just looking forward to summer!

  5. What a great list. Such an important thing to be clear on and then to give yourself permission to keep these centering things in your life...I too have recently adopted a strong committment to doing the things that pratically assure I'm going to have a better day. My list looks a lot like yours! Bev

  6. Beautiful mandalas in both images and in your words! That place of centre to move from... oh this is such a gift to know... thank you!

  7. Hi Patti,
    Incredible mandala...scrumptious! And like Serendipity, I too see a bouquet of flip-flops! I love this post, so very beautifully said; and very inspiring. Just this week I've begun to establish more balance with colorful, vegetarian food, working out and whatever's good for my soul in the moment: writing, art-making, SoulCollage, enjoying friendships both off and online...including yours : )

    I've thoroughly enjoyed this post, and your beautiful's simply splendid!

    And thanks for your comments on my "Living Strong" mandala, and the link on the Advice from a Tree...I love it!

  8. pretty, pretty mandala, patti! keep up the good work on looking after your soul and body - it's sooo important!!!
    blessing this sacred day, xxx

  9. What an excellent routine. Some of it is very do-able for me. Other parts, problematic with 10 hours of my day taken up with work. But an excellent routine, nevertheless, to strive for.

  10. Hi Pattie,
    Got your message on my blog re: lines & angles. Go with your instincts..there are no rules. Literally I learned about making mandalas from 2 art therapists. They said: "Trace a circle and draw, paint, color in it."

    I decided to not read-up on how to make them...knowing that would take me out of my heart and into my head...a prescription for creative paralysis and stagnation. Plus, we can't let our authentic expression out if we're following the rules of others! Go for it girl! Squiggly, wavy lines and all! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  11. Patti, I literally gasped when I saw the fruit plate -- YUM -- and kept thinking me too, me too, reading your post. (Except I'm a carnivore. But I need to eat less sugar.)


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