Sunday, 2 September 2007

My Sacred Life - memorabilia

There is no doubt that family photo's are important, but equally important to me are all the special memories of my children I have collected over the years. I am still collecting them now. I don't know a mother who doesn't have a box or folder filled with finger paintings, baby shoes, locks of hair, notes and cards, small gifts made in craft class etc. In our cupboard upstairs is an archaeological dig, with layer upon layer of our lives recorded in photographs and memorabilia. These are some of the special ones.

This little pink love bear was made by my son in kindergarten. He brought it home on a day when I was particularly unhappy and I unfolded it to reveal a heart he had drawn. It simply melted mine.

These "notes" were made one night when my son and I were sitting opposite each other at the kitchen counter. I was preparing dinner and we decided spontaneously, just for fun, to write instead of speaking out loud. (just to put you in the picture, I was tending a rash that I got from some plant in the garden. It also might help to know that my son's affectionate family nickname is "Moo") So we were pushing the pen and paper across to each other. It was the kind of conversation we have often had, and still do, always ending with; "Love You" and "Love you too".

And finally, these are my daughter's hand prints to remind me of the many days we would set out the paint pots and paper and glue and glitter on the kitchen table, immersing ourselves in play.

Precious times.


  1. Oh what a GREAT post! Yes - I have boxes and folders and every now and then manage to meld some together so that all the pieces are moving toward the same space. I also journal and have journaling from my kids in my travel journals. Last year I went through my journals and pulled out the individual pieces about each child and made them "their story." Daughter (it's always all about her) loved it! Son - I'm not sure he's read it yet - but that's the way that goes. I have a quilt, too, made with those iron on crayon pictures - it isn't finished but I'll never throw it away!

  2. It sounds like yours is a very rich life.

  3. these are TOO precious, patti!!
    there must be something in the air today - i posted about memories...

  4. The house where I raised my children--their mom and I divorced when the kids were well into their school years, and she moved a couple of years after I was gone from the house--had a not-well-tended shed back in the far corner of the back yard. We pulled out all the stuff which was rotting, laid some new remnants of carpet we got for next to nothing, and whitewashed that shed to the nth degree.

    Then, we did the kid-handprint day, where any kid in the neighborhood was welcome to splat a hand into some very colorful paint, and press their own mark on the very white little shed.

    Looking back, other than the creation of our four amazing young ladies, this might have been our most-inspired act together.

    And, yes--this dad has a big box and a dresser drawer both filled to brimming with kids' creations.

  5. LOVE THIS! I have been keeping Memory Boxes for Luke and Rose all along ... complete with their first drawing when they were both three weeks old. It's a LOT of stuff ... but GREAT stuff.

  6. I'm moved beyond words by the love and richness you've shared here. Simply beautiful.

  7. Hi Patti,
    these are nice memories, I'm sure your kids are and will be happy persons!!!
    I love Lauren's hand prints and your son's handwriting:)

  8. Patti,
    These are precious indeed...oh my goodness. And yes, I too have a folder of creations from my daughter. Thank you so much for reminding me of them..this is smiles for the heart, for sure.

    And, I'm glad you stopped by my blog..and glad you got insight from my post.


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