Sunday, 9 September 2007

My Sacred Life - Growth

Happiness is neither virtue nor pleasure
nor this thing nor that but simply growth,
We are happy when we are growing.
William Butler Yeats

Universities are considered sacred places of learning for good reason.

However the learning and growth I am referring to can be as simple as finding the meaning of a new word in the dictionary, working out html so you can add that new element to your blog, experimenting with a new food combination to delight your senses, finding a quote that makes you think in a different way. Sacred little spurts of growth every day.

Reading all the different perspectives on sacredness and spirituality posted by the "My Sacred Life" participants has been a stimulating experience, giving me plenty of opportunity for growth.

Learning how to create and use mandalas has been my latest spurt of growth. I have discovered that they both clear your mind and stimulate creativity, as well as giving you an insight into your psyche, so here's a couple more.

P.S. Mandalas are often, but not necessarily, symmetrical and often, but not necessarily use a limited palette.


  1. These are awesome! Love the colors the shapes and the ingenuity. I especially like to color combination of the purple, pinks,etc. It looks like it's dancing! By the way, I mentioned you and linked to you blog in my post:

    You truly inspire!

  2. These are lovely, dynamic and full of movement; the 'hot' colours in the top one are great and exciting, the 'cool' colours in the bottom one more restful and I really like the background in this one.
    Thanks for helping me with the blogger identity thing, hope it works... ;-)
    Glad the Sacred Life month is so beneficial to you. Your Mandalas have made me want to have a go... I'm always looking for things to keep my hands busy!

  3. P.S, You have an honourable mention on my blog today! Thanks for cheering me up and inspiring today's post :-)

    Love E

  4. "Sacred little spurts of growth every day."

    You're so great, Patti. Sometimes I want to believe that it has to be BIG to be meaningful. Thank you for this timely reminder.

  5. Love the Mandalas Patti and I so agree about the small spurts of growth!

  6. You are so cool. :) I love your mandalas, your colors, your writing, your spirit.

  7. Your mandalas are inspiring! I especially love the one with the bubbles and leaves, the movement is calm and yet energetic.

  8. I love mandalas. These are awesome. I love that they aren't symetrical, which most tend to be - there is great beauty both ways. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Each of your mandalas is so evocative of an emotional state. This one is calm and mystical for me.


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