Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Last year, as you may remember, I was motivated to; create a new header for this blog, create a current self-portrait, immerse myself in the joys of journalling, illustrate a book of my own poetry (partially complete), complete a cat painting. Then this year more inspiration bouncing around in my head. Arrgh! Time to rewind!

Most of these things have not yet happened and so I have decided to take a look at each idea again. I have been out in the garden mostly, doing autumn chores under gorgeous blue skies and doing handyman things like re-painting the laundry and the fuse box, getting quotes for new blinds on certain windows - everything in our eleven year old house seems to have had a ten year expiry date!

The thing is that all these creative ideas have been swimming their way to the surface, appearing in 'bubbles' over my head for a few moments while raking leaves or digging a hole for a new plant. More still have been percolating nicely for a while. Others are just colourful sparks. The break from making art has been good.

So to start the ball rolling I have been playing with my blog header and will probably change this at whim. I hope you enjoy the new look. And as Bohemian Mom commented recently, "now, back to your art" !


  1. I love your new blog banner. Two thumbs up! I'm looking forward to seeing more of your art work!

  2. I've missed you Patti and I love your new banner! I'm glad you had a nice break and you're feeling inspired to create again.

  3. Yes I have missed you too Patti - love your new Blog Header :)

  4. Your Lucy painting hangs in my sitting room.
    We all love it and I am proud to say, when asked who the artist is, 'My sister!'
    Back to the Art!!

  5. Was about to send you an e-mail saying "get blogging!"

  6. what a beautiful and inviting header Patti. And I love the e e cummings writing. what a good taste! I am here in Australia now, but not settled completely. Everything is so different here, and still so beautiful. I cannot belive my eyes, watching all these wonderful plants and birds! Hope my family and I may soon adapt to new conditions.

    Have a great time back to ur art!


  7. Your new banner is super cool - just like you are!!! That Boho is such a riot - and I need to get back to MY art, as well!


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