Thursday, 27 March 2008

Journal Focus

This is what I've been up to lately - a bit of focus on my journal. Journaling is just great and I'm gradually getting a feel for it. I love the way layer upon layer of 'whatever turns you on' is added to your pages, to make something that is so unique to you. It is only finished when you say so. This page of mine will maybe get some more words added later, when they come to me.

Have you visited Suziblu? It is ever inspiring to watch Suzi embellish her journal. Just when I'm thinking how beautiful it all looks, she will gesso over it and paint something equally cool over the top! You are in charge of what happens on your page. There is no censor and the only critic is you, if you choose to be one.

Speaking of being a critic - I would love to show you a self-portrait sketch that I also made in my journal, but it just doesn't look like me! I have left it there with words to that effect and will make another one soon. It's a good opportunity to make smiles at yourself in the mirror!


  1. Wonderful page, Patti, you wove that bright cloth! I love the colours, need these colours today, feeling autumnal on a another cold spring day here:)

  2. This is beautiful!
    Yes I know Suziblu, it's fun. I also bought a journal, but I guess it is not my thing.....but having it standby is enough at this moment

  3. WHOA!!! Super cool ... just like you, my friend! Have I told you lately how much I love The Fish you sent to me?

  4. Beautiful! You know - that design would translate perfectly into fabric - I wish I was a quilter!! It is gorgeous!!

  5. Patti you are invited to enter the contest to win a box of maple sugar candies. See maple sugar candy giveaway post on my blog and make a comment. Winner will be selected on Friday.

  6. Once again your creation just blows me away. The colour, the composition, the movement...YUM!

  7. Hi Patti, I came back to look at this joyful, mediational piece which wakes me up and gives me energy:)
    Have a wonderful week(end:)


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