Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Heavy rain falls outside. It is school holidays and Phil and his mates are gathered inside playing electronic games, a contrast to last week when they spent every day boogie boarding at the beach.

Wet clothes and bed sheets hang from a clothes line in the garage, drying slowly. I feel virtuous for; not using the clothes dryer, digging a second compost heap and setting up a garbage processing corner in my kitchen. It is stocked with newspaper, plastic bags, bread bag clips and twist ties for recycling, and the compost container - the idea being that if it's all laid out neatly in front of us, we will all find it easier to use than before, when everything was in a different drawer or cupboard. The most interesting thing I have found on examining our rubbish more closely, is that there is so much plastic! Time to examine my shopping habits more closely too. Conscious shopping.

My enthusiasm to dig a Vegie patch has been put on the back-burner until the rain-sodden soil drys out a little. No complaints from me though cos a rainy day is perfect for studio time, journal playtime.
These words spoke to me...


  1. You go, Patti! On the eve of Earth Day in the US, I am thrilled that your beautiful words and your fiduciary actions provide you so much joy!! Love, O

  2. Great post for Earth Day! And I love the art work - especially the "happy rebel"....

  3. Your new recycling center sounds great. I think once everyone gets in the habit, it will become second nature. Yes, there is a lot of plastic out there. And packaging within packaging.

    In my Cape Cod town, you are required by law to recycle platics, glass, newspapers, cardboard, tin cans. They come and pick them up bi-monthly at your house and provide bins to put the stuff in.

    Love your words. And the old song. Hard to believe songs from the 60's are now considered "oldies."

  4. I love this journal page, especially the pale blue colour. The rain has been good for getting things done!

  5. OK, I LOVE LOVE LOVE that piece of art! It's so inspiring and pretty...I want to try and make one for myself!
    And kudos to you green gal...I am fanatical about recycling .
    I really wish I had a yard here. Oh how I want to grow some veggies!

  6. You have a lovely blog! I really enjoyed looking through it. :)

    Peace from Canada!

  7. W O R D S !!!! I love what you have created here, my friend!
    Plastic - seriously, it's gross, right?! So much for the one word advice in "The Graduate" with the young Dustin Hoffman! How things are packaged is absolutely whacked out. I opened up some moisturizer the other day and it took a screw driver and a pair of scissors to get to it.
    Enjoy the Veggie Patch!

  8. Well Done you! I hope you feel smug. :-)


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