Sunday, 4 May 2008

Diving Deep

This painting has been sitting in the cupboard for quite a while now and I have finally let it see light of day. As you can see it's a "Lucy" painting that took me deep into an underwater world for a few days. Who doesn't want to swim and play with the fish under the sea, sans scuba gear?

Art's been on hold lately, mostly because my eyesight has not been so good and I am waiting on some new spectacles to be made up. I will use these for both for close work - reading/artwork and for distances - driving/watching tv and just walking around. My world has been a blur and I can't wait for them to be ready.


  1. Great painting! Hope your new specs arrive soon. I have bi-focals and hate being without them.

  2. I love this painting, the patterns the colors and Lucy. I need glasses most of the time now and without them my vision is blurred too. So I know what you mean. Hope you can get back to work soon.

  3. Reminds me of when I went snorkeling in Hawaii last year. So magical to be underwater with the creature of the sea. I love your beautiful, colorful artwork and hope you will be inspired by bringing this Lucy print ouf the cupboard...and hope your new glasses help get you going again too!

  4. It reminds me of Hawaii, too, Patti, but then, your work often does. I really love this.

    I hope you get your glasses soon. I am legally blind and know how hard it is to be waiting on glasses. I dread the times when I need new ones. I hope that yours come soon, and that your eyesight is as clear as your heartsight,



  5. I think what I like best about your paintings - oh, well, I like tons of things about them - but your colors are wonderful. The red in this is yummy, and the movement, and the joy and...ok, there is no best - all of it is best!

  6. Wondered in via Bohemian's blog. Your work just gorgeous. Vibrant, joyful and full of the life you give it.


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