Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Lost Angel

Acrylic on Oil/Acrylic Sketch Paper.

This painting needed some children's verse to go with it, so I wrote this one down (a first draft, so don't be too hard on me!) I like a happy ending :)

Lost Angel

For many days and many nights
an angel flew above the clouds,
searching, ever searching for
that one dear child.

A child who needed her badly,
the child who needed her most.
The one sadly going in circles,
a child truly lost.

This angel's job was special,
This child's straits were dire,
So the angel kept on flying,
higher and higher.

The angel watched the world spinning,
saw time was moving on.
She heard that dear child calling
and knew what must be done.

The angel flew much faster,
but couldn't find her way.
Though could hear the child a-wailing
every night and every day.

Lost no more, at last she found the child
beneath a blossom tree,
whispering a prayer of hope
blue eyes closed tightly.

The angel wiped her tears away
and sprinkled star dust there,
The child stood up and skipped away
with nothing left to fear.


  1. Beautiful Patti. Both the painting and the poem. We all have angels watching over us, I believe and I think of them surrounding those i love who are suffering. And also one comes to me at night when I have insomnia and she helps me calm. And, I think you are an angel too. Be well, suki

  2. Such a beautiful painting and a lovely poem Patti. I have a "thing" for angel's and whenever I'm feeling really down, I always picture myself being wrapped and held in the wings of an angel. It's a very comforting image for me.

  3. This is beautiful...both your angel and her journey.


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