Thursday, 18 September 2008

a sign

our house & home, which we have named 'querencia' (spanish pron. - ke-ren-cia) has a sign at last. i decided to paint a 'trompe-de-l'oeil' mosaic look instead of making an actual mosaic. it was tempting to use bright colours for the sign, but in the end i chose earthy/terracotta tones that suit the house better.

the sign is not hung yet as it is painted on fibre cement board and i need to work out a way to affix a loop onto the back, so that this can be used to hang on a hook in the wall. in other words, the technical details that i should perhaps have worked out before i started :) a coat of varnish would probably be a good idea too, since it will be living outside.


  1. Beautiful, Patti. I love it...perfect! xxoo, O

  2. I love it, I love it. I LOVE IT!!!
    The colours are perfect and I can't get over how much it looks like actual mosaic tiles!
    You are talented girl!

  3. Yes I love it too - great colours and effect. They have really clever things at Bunnings these days for this kind of job, just go along and throw yourself at the mercy of one of the salespeople there :)

  4. Fantastic! It is a great sign - and when I looked I thought it was mosaic so you did an excellent job. I do love bright colours, but this is really nice. Congratulations!!

  5. Beautiful! You sure had me fooled. I guess that's why they call it 'trick the eye.'

  6. Hi Patti, it has been a long time that I haven't visited, things changed here, I love your colourful banner and the soft apricot colour in the background of your blog.
    And this sign, wow, what a piece of work. I like the colours and the writing you chose, a lot.

  7. Patti, your sign couldnt be further from my pathetic black and white farm sign. It is so beautiful and colorful and graceful. It is welcoming, greeting your guests with open arms. Great idea, the faux tiles. Hmmm hanging. I tend to leave that till last too. In fact have had certain pieces laying around for a few years waiting for me to figure out how to hang them.


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