Tuesday, 23 September 2008

spring things

spring has arrived down under - trees sprouting new growth, hot sunny days. today, soft rain is falling & the air is warm. on the weekend i planted seedlings in our vegie patch - lebanese cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, mint, summer basil, continental parsley, strawberries & peas. these newbies are looking fresh & ready to climb crazily up the garden trellis.

our old diswasher must have known it was a time of renewal & has now gone to diswasher heaven - a shiny new dishwasher hums away in the kitchen now. ah, the joys of sparkling clean cutlery!

spring is perfect for weekend reading on our back deck under the shade of the umbrella. i have just finished the bhagavad gita (with a clear-cut introduction & translation by eknath easwaran).

it is described as 'a timeless spiritual classic' that is 'acutely modern'. i agree, it is so relevant today. though surprised that i didn't pick it up ten years ago when i first began practicing yoga, i believe we come to these things when we are ready & not before. it has made clear many things i have read about in relation to yoga. some 'ah-ha' moments for me. better late than never!

spring & babies go together of course - i know this movie has been out for ages, but have you seen Juno yet? if not, it's worth taking a look. i watched it this weekend for the first time - a sweet & timeless story (unplanned teen pregnancy), great acting (ellen page is wonderful), great soundtrack.

spring means bare feet. is there anything better?!


  1. I'm loving watching the budding of the leaves ... the bees are back to!

    Its just the wind I'm not fond of.

    But spring is a very magical time of the year.


  2. As your earth is awakening, mine is getting ready for rest. The days are growing shorter, the leaves on the tress are turning. The trees themselves seem to be shutting down, ready to rest. I am more conscious this year of the change than I have ever been. I know that nature needs to rest, but I am not looking forward to the dark days ahead.

    Enjoy your bare feet!

  3. I am soooo jealous. Spring. And we fall into winter. Oh gosh. I am reading the Gita too, very slowly, but different translation though have read books by the man you mention. Have seen Juno too, very good.

  4. nothing better than bare feet!
    It's so strange to read about you entering spring as I am celebrating autumn over here.
    luv ya


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