Friday, 20 March 2009

Feeling Like Forrest Gump

I've been messing around in my journal a lot lately, mostly because I've not had much time to sit down to anything more involved. It feels good to just play aimlessly for a while. I also have three smallish canvases that keep giving me a nudge, but I'm not sure what to do with them yet.

Today I walked all over the place and once I started, I felt like I could just keep walking forever. A bit like Forrest Gump, crossing the country, except I keep stopping to pick flowers! My legs know about it tonight though and I've managed to work up quite an appetite too.

One of my destinations was lunch with my mother Doreen at her nursing home. She has become a favourite of all the staff there and gives them her best smiles. It is good to know that she is happy in herself. We sat outside in a sunny courtyard surrounded by yellow daisies and talked about sewing machines.


  1. really neat drawing. i love the way the tree trunk comes down the middle of the page like that. glad you had a good time with Doreen. wasnt sure if she was yr Mom, or your Mom's caregiver but either way hope it was a good time.

  2. I too like the middle of the page effect with tree on both sides. Very cool.
    and happy for your mom and you getting to chat about sewing machines. ;-) Must have brought back good old memories for her!

  3. This is a lovely tree...reminds me of a silk painting. How is the sewing machine?

  4. Oh, how lovely to have lunch with your mom surrounded by daisies.

  5. What a great day! I cannot imagine how wonderful it must be to be able to walk to where your Mom lives. You are so lucky.

    I too sometimes feel like doing a "Gump" -- just going and going...

    Beautiful art work!


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