Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Being Domestic

(google image)

I am enjoying being domestic lately and have taken up crochet again. It's been fun playing around with different stitches for a scarf that I'm making in a fuzzy, slubbed yarn - a simple design, nothing too challenging first up. You can make absoutely anything out of crochet as the buddha above (don't you just love it?!) shows. To keep whatever you're making modern, it's a matter of choosing the right yarn, stitches and pattern and of course, using a bit of imagination & creativity.

I did try knitting again too, but can't seem to concentrate on it as I'm always getting interrupted, then lose where I'm up to (!) There's probably a trick to overcoming this that experienced knitters know about. For now I stick to crochet that I know really well.


  1. Pretty amazing, Patti! He is cute.

    I like crocheting too but without a pattern as I don't like any type of counting or following such things, which really limits me, but that's okay :)

    xo, O

  2. That crocheted Buddha is fantastic! I didn't realize you could even do that! I used to knit and crochet - along with other things. I agree, knitting uses too much brain power and crochet allows me to keep my hands busy and still have free thoughts! Have fun.

  3. Oh my freakin gawd - that is AMAZING!!!!
    I love this domestic side of you! You're an artist no matter what you do!

  4. I reached you through Donna Heart at heart*life. I can't wait to explore your blog.


  5. My trick is to keep a little notebook by my side and note where I am when I stop or mark in the pattern book. That helps. If you don't want to mark up the pattern you can copy it first and then just mark on your copy. I hope this helps.

    The buddah is quite amazing.
    Are you going to make it?

  6. Wonderful!
    Congratulations. Have nice week.

  7. That Buddha is amazing. I have to show it to my Buddhist friend who crochets. I wish we lived near each other, I would pester you into teaching me how.


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