Thursday, 5 March 2009

zen, coffee & walking in autumn sun

The horrible heat of high summer has left us (i hope!) and our nights are cool, the days warm with clear blue skies. great for getting out and about.

So today i dropped in at our regional art gallery, which is nestled in a beautiful Japanese garden. the exhibit was art created by high school students - very fresh and inspiring. i browsed in the gallery shop and found a great book on naive art & a gorgeous pink japanese parasol, both went into my 'window shopping' bag.
The japanese garden was zen, as you would expect & i sat for a while and meditated with the autumn sun on my shoulder. It was difficult to leave the tranquility, but then the lure of coffee (which i have taken up drinking again) & warm blueberry bread served with honey at my favourite cafe, got me moving again. mmm!

We are a one car family & so I often find myself walking these days. i really enjoy the exercise, and while it takes longer to get from A to B, the slow way has it's benefits. On my way home from the gallery i met a delightful 87 year old lady also on a walk and we stopped and chatted for half an hour. Full of energy and good spirits, she was quite an inspiration. i wished that i'd taken a photo as she was a vision in pink. note to self: be less shy about pulling out the camera!


  1. A beautiful and peaceful post, just oozes serenity! Love, O

  2. I enjoyed your walk and sit and chat with you and the elder woman too. I see her in her pink garb, perhaps you will draw her?

  3. How nice to think about you enjoying the final arrival of mild days and a break from the heat just as I am welcoming the final arrival of mild days and a break from the cold.

  4. Sounds like a perfet day and outing! Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!


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