Friday, 11 September 2009

Book Shelf

I picked up a library book this week called 'Dying For A Cure' by Australian writer Rebekah Beddoe. Rebekah tells her tale of misdiagnosis and the nightmare she was lucky enough to live through on a cocktail of anti-depressants (SSRI's) and anti-psychotics. For Rebekah, the drugs were the cause of her mental deterioration, not the cure.

I know there are a lot of bloggers out there who are either on anti-depressants, are trying to come off anti-depressants or who are maybe thinking of going on them. This book gives an interesting perspective, raising many questions. It is well written and researched and I found it a compelling read.

It has a foreward written by Psychiatrist Dr Jon Jureidini who says, in brief - 'This book shows that the inappropriate use of anti-depressants constitutes a major health risk, and it sounds a note of caution for depression-awareness campaigns'

The above pic, which I think is actually upside-down :) is another bliss fruit journal page.


  1. I thought you maybe posted it upside down on purpose so we couldnt read your diary words. love the tiger lilie colors in the center. and thanks for the book review.

  2. I just love your brilliant colors in your artwork. Beautiful!

  3. The book certainly sounds interesting! I am blessed with generally being a very happy person, but I have family members and friends how are not as lucky. I've seen them during the bad times and worried about the drugs they'd been given. My former father-in-law eventually killed himself, and he was so out of touch with reality due to the drugs. It's always good to find a resource on this issue. Thanks for sharing.
    And what a delightful work of art! Love it!!

  4. Your art is soul awakening! I am so drawn to it! What a picnic to visit and get lost in your words and art! Blissful Blessings,


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