Monday, 21 September 2009

Sandalwood Memories

When I sit in meditation I keep myself warm with a light-weight pashmina shawl. I wrap this shawl around a cake of sandalwood soap whenever I put it away. Each time it lands on my shoulders, the sandalwood scent wafts around me, bringing back a happy memory.

A few years ago, my sister Helen took me to the Chenrezig Institute, nestled in sub-tropical rainforest in Eudlo, Queensland for my birthday.

We climbed the steep steps, passing a stupa dripping with offerings - anything from flowers to wristwatches and biro's! We sat in half-lotus on the wooden floor of the meditation hall and listened to a buddhist monk's teaching, with the help of an interpreter. We ate the best vegetarian meal ever, in the dining area beside the sangha. Later we browsed in the shop, where I found the sandalwood soap. It was such a peaceful, honest place.


  1. What a peaceful picture you paint of you sitting with the sandalwood-scented pashmina around you.

  2. Beautiful post! And how delightful to have the reminder in such a gentle way.

    I started burning sandlewood incense in my teens, and I still do to this day. The smell calms me as nothing else does. I too have a bar of sandlewood soap that I keep in a drawer, but I never thought of using it the way you do. I will in the future tho. When I first moved to Japan in the mid 80s I visited numerous Buddhist temples. All burned sandlewood. I always felt at home there and I miss that.

  3. I remember that special day - I always loved taking people there :)

  4. I have started a daily meditation practice with my grandmother's silver rosary and a stick of Nag Chompa. I love the ritual. I found you via Olivia's blog. I love your art work and I'll be stopping by here often!

    Happy Wednesday :))


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