Saturday, 5 September 2009

Journal Bliss

I love seeing what artists are doing on YouTube and Violette is an unconventional artist with a house that has been featured on Weird Homes.

I have ordered Journal Bliss - creative prompts to unleash your inner eccentric, written by Violette and can't wait to see what's inside the covers. I love her unconventional house painted with bright colours, doors covered in paintings throughout, mosaic surrounding the kitchen sink and a painted swing hanging from a tree in the backyard!

There is lot's of inspiration for journaling out there and I'm absorbing every little thing. I've been lured by stamp making too, and would like to find out more. For now, I make very basic stamps by cutting out pieces of kitchen sponge into shapes & I use an old credit card to smoosh the paint around. So much fun to be had!


  1. Fun patterns and the bright colors make the heart happy, don't they ?
    There is indeed so much inspiration out there. Sometimes I get overwhelmed by how many things touch my heart or intrigue my eye and that I want to try.
    Love carving stamps ! I have made many of my own out of carving rubber, many of my favs in my art making. And making the stamps themselves is kind of a zen thing too!
    Enjoy absorbing and smoosh and inspiring !

  2. a fun video. I have read about Violette somewhere else. perhaps in one of the art books I've purchased.She is really brave to create her house the way she wants and not think about RESALE value. Course it would hold high value to some folks all dressed up the way it is.

  3. I've been away for a short while and it's good to get caught up with reading your blog - like visiting a friend for a cup of tea. I'll have to check out her video - sounds interesting. And I just love your photo of the organised mess! Wonderful!!!


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