Saturday, 3 October 2009

This and That

I planted these nasturtiums in a sunny hot spot where they can rub shoulders with parsley and sage. They all seem to like it there.

Outside my window steady rain is falling, washing off all the red dust that settled over everything during last weeks dust storms. Snails are out and about and everything smells fresh. Nature knows just how to restore the balance.

Today is my son's 16th birthday and I have baked a wicked chocolate torte for his birthday cake MMmm. I'm looking forward to icing and decorating it with little chocolate buds and strawberries. The tiny baby with skinny legs who failed to put on weight when he was first born has now grown into a tall, strong, active teenager. I am so proud of him, I could burst!

I am still travelling through a funny phase where I am not feeling very creative. A weird feeling. So for now, I go with the flow, thinking maybe I need to 'fill the well'. Next week I am going with my sisters to see the Blake Prize, 'the oldest art prize in Australia dedicated to spirituality, religion and cultural diversity'. Just in time to stimulate some creative juices!


  1. happy birthday to your son. i love nasturtiums and you can eat them too. I love to press the leaves. have fun with yr sisters.

  2. Enjoy the celebrations and the inspirations !
    Keep planting those lovely plants and posting pictures of them - up here in the Northern Hem. we are going to need to be reminded of those colors and the warmth really soon !

  3. The rain comes and washes away the dust. Your dust will be washed away, too, when it is time. Happy birthday to your son!

  4. Dearest Patti,

    Those nasturtiums look delicious. I love the vividness of the red against the subtleness of the green. They do seem to look very happy in that spot, and I am happy they like their home. :)

    Nature definetly has a way of keeping it's balance, and that is evident in the peace that it shines out, and the rubbish it chucks out.

    A many happy Birthday to your son. That chocolate torte sounds nice. Children do indeed grow up fast, and it's so enlightening to watch them grow.

    It seems you have been creative, but perhaps not the way you envisioned. I hope the Blake Prize helps you re-connect with the creativity you seek. Have an enjoyable time there with your sisters. Sounds like a wonderful event.

    I'd love to hear all about it.

    Kind Regards, and all the best to you in whatever you do.

  5. You may not be feeling creative as far as your art goes, but this is a wonderful post filled with beauty.

    Happy 16th to your son! And why do you not consider that wonderful chocolate torte create? It certainly is - and I'd love to enjoy a piece of it. (Perhaps you can post the recipe??)

    Those nasturtiums are wonderful - sold bold and cheerful.

    And yes, Mother Nature washing away all the red dust.

    You plate sounds full - enjoy!!


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