Sunday, 25 September 2011

Spring Things

~ This week I spotted my first water dragon of the spring/summer season , it's been really warm and sunny, perfect weather for them!

~ We sat in our sunroom over a beer and planned a holiday for next year.  Thinking about it is almost as good as the real thing!

~ Went to our son's High School graduation ceremony, now he has to knuckle down for the Higher School Certificate  exam coming up soon.  Then school is out!

~ Listening to Spring rain falling heavily on our rooftop tonight, such changeable weather!

~ Iv'e been busy in the shoe shop with lots of people coming in for their summer sandals.  Love the buzz....


  1. Life really is good for you right shines through. I love planning holidays too...I have so many planned in my head, Turkey, back to Hawaii, even New Zealand and Australia!!! Not sure when we'll get there, but get there we will.

    Enjoy spring as it unfolds. It's such a happy, hopeful season!

  2. Congrats to you son the graudate!

    Happy end of summer and hello fall.

    Happy planning.

  3. Glad that life is so good for you right now, Patti, and that you have been soaking that in so well.
    I had to look up water dragon to see what those beautiful creatures look like. What a treat from Mother Nature to see them up close.
    Enjoy the spring vibes...
    Much love !

  4. I agree that the peace and FULLNESS of your life is shining through this post. I am so happy from you. I also take inspiration and courage that it is actually possible to live this type of opposed to chaos, turmoil, and drama. I have been moving in that direction, and although I am still far from it, it is nice to see it here. xoO


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