Sunday, 2 October 2011

Labor Day

This weekend is the Labor Day Long Weekend here in Australia.  My son thinks it's funny that he was born on Labor Day.  "Ha, Ha, Ha" said I!  "If you only knew!".  Tomorrow it is his 18th birthday and I have toasted him with a long, cold glass of sparkling shiraz...

My first child, a daughter, was a strenuous labor.  Hard, because I resisted the urge to push.  Nerves and uncertainty were present.  Yet I went into hospital at 10pm one evening and delivered a bouncing baby girl at 8am the next morning!  A relatively short labour.  I remember sitting up in bed eating bacon and eggs, (I was starving!) prior to breast feeding my also very hungry, new daughter.

My second, a son, was easier.  I had done pre-natal yoga and learned how to breathe and learned to lean my elbows on a chair and wiggle my backside during the contractions.  (funny to watch, I'm sure!)  I coped really well and although the cord was wrapped around his neck, which meant that I had to stop pushing at one stage, it was a much easier and quicker labour.  Arriving at hospital at 10pm in the evening and delivering a healthy baby boy at 15 mins past midnight.

I am glad that they both came into the world drama free and that they are there for each other as sister and brother.  Happy 18th Birthday Phil!


  1. Happy Birthday Phil! He is a credit to you, a smart and handsome young man. XX

  2. happy birthday phill and happy mother's day to you.

  3. Happy Birthday to Phi! What a quick labor he was! I enjoy your happiness, Patti :) xoO

  4. My Happy Birthday wishes to your son. And what beautiful remembrances of their births! Keep on enjoying your life!


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