Sunday, 6 November 2011

......and a little bit me.

This journal page is  a little bit 'Klee' and a little bit me!

Today was hot and humid so I headed down to the beach for a little R & R and to drop in on a craft market being held there.  However everyone else had the same idea and I couldn't find parking anywhere!  Not to be discouraged, I drove to another waterfront location and enjoyed morning tea, while watching the bobbing boats, seagulls and other picnickers playing cricket on the grass.  I read the Sunday papers and attempted a sketch or two.  A totally relaxing morning!


  1. Love this one - like you have combined painting and quilting - but in a painting. Nice job! And glad you enjoyed the day. I love those days off with special purpose!

  2. This piece is so how you've done this Patti!

    I'm also enjoying living vicariously with your warm weather and just know your posts will be a highlight for me to touch into during our chilly winter months ahead.

  3. really nice. i just watched a film about Klee. I especially loved his angels he did toward the end of his life. i had never seen them before. HOT.!!!! lucky you

  4. oh this is different and looks very intersting! I think I'll have a go trying to make something similar!

  5. Sounds heavenly ! Good living.
    Love the "Klee & Me" piece.
    Have a great week, Patti !

  6. You still find times in your day for quiet time and relaxation, Patti--good for you! I too am enjoying the warm sunny weather from here and trying to imagine :) xoO


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