Thursday, 8 December 2011

Paris, sadness & happiness!

Phoebe in the Herb Garden at Rembrae
I spent the afternoon in Paris today.......   'Midnight in Paris', actually!  A movie I enjoyed, particularly because it took me back to that beautiful city I enjoyed visiting years ago!  Loved the double era theme too!

I am sad, since Phoebe, the difficult cat died last week.  Old age, nothing horrible, but sad still.  She entertained us enormously with her strong character. She loved water and would knock me over to get in the shower in the mornings.  And she went crazy over the scent of rockmelon!  Rest in Peace Phoebe... we loved you lots!

Happy, because I have finished buying christmas gifts and can't wait to give them out!  Looking forward now to a relaxing Christmas break!


  1. I'm so sorry about the loss of your beautiful Phoebe. I love "difficult" cats of character. I had a cat once (part Siamese) that would come running whenever we flushed the toilet or drained water from the tub. She just loved to watch it drain away!

    I also loved Midnight in Paris and it really brought up my nostalgia and desire to return to Paris. Great movie!

  2. I too am sorry about the loss of Phoebe...I am glad that you are looking forward to Christmas and excited about it, Patti! xoO

  3. Patti - so sorry about your loss of Phoebe! Pets become so much a part of our lives!

    I haven't seen that movie but oh my! How I love Paris!! I made several weekend trips there when I lived in Germany. My favorite city!!

    Enjoy your holidays! Peace, Patti!

  4. So sorry to here of Phoebe's passing. Those furry friends are so very dear to us.
    May the joys of the holidays ease your tender heart ! Hugs, Lovely Patti !


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