Monday, 12 December 2011

Summer Pics

water dragon at the villa

I thought I'd share a pic of one of the water dragons that visit us here each summer.  They are quite comical to watch as they skitter along and they can even climb up walls!  This guy jumped up into a tub where my tahitian lime tree is planted and sat there for a while surveying the scene. We have to make sure we keep the doors shut or they may come inside!

the chill chair

This pic is my amazing Op Shop find in a corner of my sunroom.  I had the cushions re-upholstered and we now call it the 'chill chair'.  It's a peaceful place to sit and read, or just relax with a cup of tea, even when it's raining.  The flowering plant is a begonia and the greenery, a parlour palm.

Hoping to get back to some art this rainy summer afternoon, it's been a while!


  1. What a lovely treat Patti, to see some summery pic' good for our northern souls at this time of year. It must be a lot of fun to watch the Water Dragons around your home...quite different from the deer, racoons and otters that play around our place!

    I find summer a lot more difficult to get into art projects with so many fun outdoor diversions. (and I love your sun room...what a treasure to have that!)

  2. Yes, it is so different Patti. I have never seen a water dragon before, not could I even imagine it. It looks like a creature from a fairy tale! Your corner looks lovely! xoO

  3. Delightful photos both! Enjoy your comfy spots!

  4. What a beautiful spot ! Enjoy those summer days, Lovely Patti !

  5. What delightful places you call home! That lizard just looks like he owns the world and is keeping an eye on things. I love your comfy chair and the atmosphere of that area. You must be one of the most calm people on the planet with those types of places surrounding you! You should be an interior decorator! Love this glimpse into your life - thank you!


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