Sunday, 22 January 2012

Balancing Act

January has flown past me at great speed and the year is shaping up to be a busy one.  This month is also the busiest time in the shoe store and I've been working extra as a result, with not much time to put my feet up!  When I do finally fall into bed, my dreams all feature feet and shoes!!

So I'm planning a couple of small breaks - one to attend a family wedding in March and another one purely for R & R, also with family.  Then a bigger holiday in the second half of the year, if all works out.

Keeping the balance is tricky sometimes, though it is possible!


  1. Your banner continues to make me smile. Did you sue watercolors or acrylics on it? so pretty and happy!
    Yes, balance between work and play very important, I agree; glad you are making plans.

  2. Lots of great colors here!

    Keeping balance can be tricky for sure! Good luck

  3. I am wishing you much balance, Patti. I think everyone finds this a challenge. We are are going through and wobbling around, aren't we? Much love to you, xoO

  4. Good advice on keeping a balance - and we need another picnic to look forward to soon,

  5. Patti - I agree! January is thundering past me! Where does the time go??? I too am planning on breaks and new things this year. I want something different this year, so I'm going to (hopefully) be trying new things == and expanding current passions. And for balancing? I hope so. I find that more often than not I am out of balance! Take care and keep having fun!!


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