Saturday, 4 February 2012

Going Shopping!

I'm enjoying preparing for a black-tie wedding next month.  The boys are easy - a black suit and tie with a white shirt and they're done!  And they'll look gorgeous!

Me, I need to go shopping!  I've already found a pair of shoes and put them aside at work - my niece says you should always buy the shoes first, then work your way up!  They are black satin peep toe slingbacks with a flat bow to the side with a small but elegant heel. 

The outfit itself remains a mystery.  If you get too solid an idea of what you want, you'll never find it.  Best to remain open I think!  My daughter says she will come with me on a shopping trip so I will have her as my second opinion.  Fun!

Art has been a non-event for me these past couple of months and it will be good to get back to an art journaling class soon.  So you'll forgive me for using an old painting of mine I'm sure I've blogged before - I really miss smooshing the paint around......!


  1. You must be exited to be shopping for a dress to wear to the wedding! I agree about getting the shoes first.

    Enjoy - and good luck with getting back to your art work soon, you life sounds so busy.

  2. Hmm, going from top to bottom is usually the way to do shopping. But personally, I find it harder to look for shoes that match my tops than to look for tops that would go with my shoes. How's shopping now, BTW? Don't you have a date this Heart's day? :)

  3. Whenever we have a family event, we can always count on our youngest sister to make all the necessary preparations. She loves to shop, and she also has excellent taste. Me? I think shopping centers are a good place to spend a quiet family weekend.

  4. You are living such a full life, Patti. I remember searching and searching (albeit on ebay) for my dress for my stepson's wedding. I found one in a size 16. Then I gained a lot of weight to be an 18W. I had to find another dress. More weight gain to size 22W. The third dress was purchased. More weight gain. To add to the nightmare, the bride's mother had specific colors, materials, lengths, etc. Boy I will never forget that! I ended up fitting into dress #3 with a strong compression garment. And now that I am able to lose the weight--slowly--I have three beautiful dresses to wear :)

    I hope that your dress buying goes way better than mine did! xoO


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