Sunday, 4 March 2012

Creative Process

Star Jasmine
Our garden renovation continues with more plants being pulled out today.  Gradually a plan is emerging as to how we want it to look.  A mass planting of star jasmine will give us a beautiful carpet/ground cover (see above) and an informal hedge along our fenceline of Murraya Panniculata is on the list.  Both are fragrant and pretty.  We will need a couple of tall feature shrubs and I am researching those to find the right ones for the spot.  Something with colourful flowers ......

Right now the garden is full of weeds and looks quite ugly and messy.  My garden buddha sits calmly in its midst, waiting patiently for it all to happen.  Creating is all about the journey however, and I'm thoroughly enjoying the process, however long it takes!


  1. What beautiful jasmine flowers! I really love the smell of jasmine. Australia is so different that the stereotypes I've adopted, and I enjoy the beauty from your villa. Patti, you are being very creative in this area--it is your art! Thank you for sharing it with us, xoO

  2. Beautiful!! And I imagine the scent is heaven. And you know - sometimes even weeds can be pretty! All in good time...


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