Friday, 2 March 2012

Managing Time

I need to work on my time management.  My beautiful niece Eliza is an expert at this, fitting absolutely everything into her day.  She multi-tasks with elan - Uni assignments, social things, time with her man and family, things that nourish her.  She is as happy as can be!

So I need to emulate her somehow.

I work random days, anywhere from three to five days a week and travel (drive) nearly an hour each way to work, not returning home till around 6.30pm.  I do get tired and need down-time to recharge my batteries.  I fit in some cooking, shopping, housework and gardening.  Then there is art to be made.  Or not, as has been happening for the past few months.  I miss it and would like to somehow find the energy to fit it into every day, like I used to.  There is time there, I know it!  Ditto for morning walks with Jess the Border Collie!

And energy giving Yoga, where has that gone?  And reading books - it's been an age since I've read anything more than a magazine!

I need to up-pedal and grab some up-time, making sure there is still down-time too.  It's that balance thing again!

Plan of Action:

  • Ditch TV in the evenings - and make art after dinner
  • Wake up earlier in the mornings - and take the Jess the Border Collie for a walk before breakfast.
Your thoughts and suggestions on time management are welcome...................


  1. I wish I had an answer, Patti. I do not work outside the home and believe that there is a way to conceptualize and utilize time better, but don't know what it is. I feel as though I have only enough time to live 1/3 of the life I want to live. The problems are TIME and ENERGY not desire. Your plan of action sounds very good, though. If I find out more, I will share it with you. You're such a talented artist--I'm excited that you might be getting back to your art. It does seem like you've been living such a full life though; maybe the pendulum needed to swing a little bit to more other things for a while and now it will swing back. Love, xoO

  2. It is hard to get up earlier but it does get you going, and both Powerwalk and Dogwalk are ticked off the list of Will Do things before breakfast. Art after dinner sounds good, even if you just sit and doodle. You'll sleep better and feel better all over. TV is a timesuck, so is the computer and magazines, as much as I love them. Save them as 'carrots' for Friday or Saturday evenings.......good luck!


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