Sunday, 20 May 2012

One Quarter

This is a corner of my latest painting, one quarter of the way through.  As usual, it looks like nothing much, as though you have just applied foundation to your face and are yet to put on the eyeshadow, eyeliner and blush! Too early to judge, so I need to keep moving on towards the finish line.  I love this stage though, when it's all about possibility.  Anything can happen!

I'm feeling the effects of a pre-winter cold today, all sniffly and sneezy.  So I'm keeping myself warm and rested and drinking lots of tea in the hope that it will pass me by.


  1. Beautiful Patti...I love the colours. I'll be interested to see how it develops! (and I hope the sniffles and sneezes don't develop into anything major).

  2. Oh - you so tease us with this little look at your latest creative project! Looks lovely! Sorry to hear you are coming down with a cold. When I get the first symptoms I start taking Umcka. My colds either don't take hold or only last a few days. Hope you are feeling 'in the pin" before long!!

  3. I too hope you don't get that cold, or that it passes quickly. It's funny, because I thought that perhaps you painted this way--1/4 first, then the next quarter, then the next. Like putting full makeup on 1/4 of the face, then doing the next section, etc. I then realized when martie said "tease" that you were just SHOWING us a quarter :) Beautiful, Patti! xoO


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